2018 Club Trail Riding Schedule

Helmets required for all MHTA sponsored rides.

Reminder: always carry proof of Coggins with you and anything else the state you are traveling/riding in requires. Make sure you clean up manure and hay before you leave.

Since these rides are covered by our insurance, all participants must be member of the club unless otherwise stated, must be 21 years of age. Memebers can ride in as many events as they wish during the year.

Ride Coordinators will send out more info a couple of weeks before the ride: ie directions, terrain, etc. So please let the Ride Coordinator know if you are thinking of attending the ride. ALWAYS check your email BEFORE you leave home. If there is a need to cancel ride due to unexpected issues, the Ride Coordinator will send out emails a couple of hours before the "in the saddle" time.


Speakers lined up so far for 2018:
February 5 - Chris St. Cye - therapeutic uses of plant oils.

Work Days for 2018:


Rides for 2018:

Sunday April 29- Swanzey Rail Trail ride and cookout, plan your ride to be back at the trailers for the cookout at 12:30 pm Sharon Thomsen ride coordinator

June 20-27 - Ottercreek, NY - camping trip. Contact Beth Phippard for more information.



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